Ryne Sandberg on Respect

OK, I’ll admit to being a life-long Chicago Cubs fan. Not always rabid or a statistic nerd, but a fan nonetheless. When you are born and raised in Peoria, IL (the home of Joe Girardi and Pete Vonachen), it’s hard to not be a Cubs fan — unless you prefer winning and become a Cardinals […]

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Outside the Lines

In doing research for this weekend’s message, I came across this letter from one friend to another and thought I’d share it with you. Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom; listen very closely to the way I see it. Then you’ll acquire a taste for good sense; what I tell you will keep […]

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Understanding Men

As I mentioned last week, I was the youngest of 5 sons. That meant the gender scorecard in my family was 6 men, 1 lady. I had a lot of first-hand knowledge about men and a limited amount understanding of women. (Next week, Michele Cushatt is going to fix all of that when she talks […]

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Adult Content

The Blessing of Sex

I was born to Christian parents and we rarely missed church. Not once during my entire lifetime did either of my parents ever talk to me about sex. With five boys, I assumed they must have known something about it but they sure weren’t sharing it with me. I attended the same church from birth […]

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