Transformed by the Gospel

Rags to riches. Come-from-behind wins. The underdog who succeeds. Who doesn’t love stories like these?
Yet I know for every rags-to-riches story there is one that goes from riches-to-rags. A come-from-behind victory means someone who was in the lead ended up defeated. And not every underdog succeeds.
I’m drawn to stories like these because I want to

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Amazed and Perplexed

Have you ever experienced emotional bipolarity?
You probably have and didn’t know what it was called. You might have told someone you had “mixed feelings” or felt “bittersweet” about what happened.
A son or daughter gets a promotion which requires moving out of state. At the same time, you feel both happy and sad. You

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Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Over the last 46 years, I’ve been in a number of different churches. I was born, raised, and baptized in a wonderful church in East Peoria, Illinois. I led my first worship song at a one-room church in Caulfield, Missouri. As a teenager, I volunteered at a tent revival in Springfield, Illinois — and had

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