Leaning into God

I’m sure at some point you’ve seen one of those “God is My Co-Pilot” bumper stickers. The idea sounds good … “Me and God, we’re in this together.” If bumper stickers aren’t your thing, you can also get the same slogan on coffee cups, trucker hats, and baby outfits. I even found it on a Koosie for your

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When God Speaks

Do you have any phobias? If not, I found a list of phobias that you could choose from:

Carnophobia = fear of meat (I have the fear of not eating meat)
Chorophobia = fear of dancing (some of you should fear this, too)
Ideophobia = fear of ideas (tend to become politicians)
Pogonophobia =

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Life-Giving Words

From an early age, each of us recognized the power of words. Every parent remembers when their child learned how to say “no” because they kept saying it over and over and over. Instead of hitting another child over the head, we taught our children to “use your words” to ask for something or to express

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The Financial Life of Job

Over the past four weeks, I have been in Oklahoma City, Jamaica, and just returned from Felton, CA (you’ll need to Google that one). In many respects, all three places are very different — geographically and demographically:

In Oklahoma City, we say a lot of pick-up trucks and sweet tea.
In Jamaica, we experienced the

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