dog meat

Mr. Trotter was my freshman basketball coach. Short and squatty, he once told us during practice, “I only yell because

standing on shoulders

Because of what Jesus has done for you, you have the ability to deeply impact another person.
My parents were

making it hard

Our vision: “Mountainview will impact South Denver and beyond by fostering a movement to start healthy 3G campuses and churches.”


We lived in California for 15 years and lived through several earthquakes — though we were never close to the

learning to surrender

Everyone will experience a loss at some point in their life. When it happens, a healthy person knows that we

confusing signs

Have you ever encountered a sign like this one? Personally, I’ve never seen an actual sign like that, but I’ve

we are like nails

A Korean Christian once told Lloyd Oglivie that when he and his friends were under great pressure from the Communists,

changed in an instant

If given a choice, no one would prefer stale potato chips over good ones. We would choose fresh over stale.