Understanding Men

As I mentioned last week, I was the youngest of 5 sons. That meant the gender scorecard in my family was 6 men, 1 lady. I had a lot of first-hand knowledge about men and a limited amount understanding of women. (Next week, Michele Cushatt is going to fix all of that when she talks

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Adult Content

The Blessing of Sex

I was born to Christian parents and we rarely missed church. Not once during my entire lifetime did either of my parents ever talk to me about sex.
With five boys, I assumed they must have known something about it but they sure weren’t sharing it with me.
I attended the same church from birth

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52 Days of Prayer

After months of anticipation, our EnVision remodel is underway. The first demolition crew arrived on August 30 and work has begun. As they say in construction (I’m learning new things all the time), now the fun begins!
Dan Hettinger, who directs our congregational care at Mountainview, sent out the following email to our prayer team.

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A Challenge We Are Willing to Accept

4:17 pm, Sunday, July 20, 1969
People gathered around their television or watched through a store window. What were they watching? The moon landing.
September 12, 1962
It was on this date that President John F. Kennedy spoke at Rice University regarding the goal of sending a person to the moon:
“But why, some say,

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